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Allen, Allen Organ Renaissance Series 44 stop 2 manual Allen

Allen Organ Renaissance Series 44 stop 2 manual

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Renaissance™ is a new beginning for your congregation's music, giving you unprecedented
options and control. Renaissance has set the standard for sound and flexibility.

Renaissance organs can be customized to meet your needs - assuring sounds to fit your specific style and taste. Incorporating Allen's revolutionary SoundMatrix™ Technology, many Renaissance models offer a range of specifications, each uniquely suited to a distinct musical style. Renaissance accesses the world's most extensive collection of pipe organ sounds, through Allen's Sample Library CDs.

The unique flexibility of Renaissance is expressed not only in its magnificent pipe organ sound, but also in the long-term savings it provides. If the time comes for a musical change - due to evolving music styles, new personnel, or renovated facilities - Renaissance provides the perfect way to enjoy a new sound without purchasing a new instrument.

Renaissance Two-Manual 44-Stop
Allen Sound Technology
Patented Renaissance™ Technology
Stop-by-Stop & Note-by-Note Voicing
Advanced MIDI Capabilities
Voices Changeable Via CD ROM
Air Regulator™
Virtual Acoustics™ - Spatial Enhancement
The Allen Console
Hand-crafted Overlays - Standard
Keycheek Alternatives - Optional
The Allen Keyboard
Individually Adjustable and Felted Keys
Reed Switch Key Contacts - (or OST™)
Ivora Naturals & Wood Sharps - Optional
The Allen Stop Action
Deluxe Mechanical Stop Action
Pistons - User Reconfigurable
Wood Drawknobs Shanks & Stop Tablets - Optional

Console Specifications Renaissance Two-Manual 44-Stop
Console: AGO
Console Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth/PB & Bench) 59-1/4 x 49-5/8 x 58"
Console Special Finish: Optional
Number of Manuals: 2
Expression Pedals: 2
Crescendo Pedal: Included
Expression/Crescendo Pedals Construction: Cast Aluminum
Expression Control Indicators: Included
Console & Roll Top Veneers: Wood
Lift-lid Bench / Storage Area: Included
Lighted Music Rack: Included

Stop Specifications
Primary Voices: 44
Number of Second Voices: 10
Solo Voices: 4
Internal MIDI™ Voices - Optional 100
General, GS, & XG MIDI Compatible: Yes
Classical Tremulants: Included
Full Tremulants: Included
Base Coupler: Included
Melody Coupler: Included

Capture Action
Stop Controls: Drawknobs
Second Voices Engraved on Stop Controls: Included
General Pistons: 10
Divisional Pistons: 6
Toe Studs: Included
Capture Memories: 8

Audio System
Audio System: External
Custom/Expandable Audio Systems: Optional

Additional Features
Console Controller: Included
Internal Sequencer: Included
Manufacturer's Parts Warranty: 10-Years

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