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Renting at Foxes Music

Here at Foxes Music Company, we are proud to offer some of the highest quality band and orchestra instruments in the area!

At Foxes Music we offer quality rentals for:

Orchestral Strings:

  • Violins ranging in size from 1/32nd to Full Size
  • Violas from 12” to 16 1/2”
  • Cellos from 1/10 to Full Size
  • Basses from 1/8 - ¾ size.

Brass Instruments:

  • Trumpets & Cornets
  • French Horns (Single & Double)
  • Trombones
  • Baritones & Euphoniums

Woodwind Instruments:

  • Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Soprano; call ahead for Bari)
  • Clarinets
  • Flutes
  • Piccolos
  • Bassoons (Call for availability)
  • Oboes (Call for availability)

How our Rental Program Works:

At Foxes, your monthly rental fee never increases. We only require a 2-month commitment; from there your rental contract is open-ended and can be cancelled at any time!

Our rental rates are reasonable and determined by the price of the instrument. Here’s a breakdown of the rental rates you can expect from us:

Because your monthly rental fee never increases, our program provides you with the least expensive rental plan over the course of the school year. Here is a comparison of our plan over 9 months with the rental plan offered by many of our competitors.

Foxes Plan:

(for new flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin or percussion)

9 months rent @ $19.00 + tax = $181.26

9 months insurance @ $4.50 = $40.50

Total = $221.76

This rate is for new instruments only. A slightly used instrument for $17.00/mo. would be $202.68 w/tax + insurance over 9 months.

Typical Plan Offered by Competitors:

(New and used instruments rent for the same rate)

Initial 3 month special rate + tax = $21.20

Initial 3 month's insurance @ $7.00 = $21.00

Subsequent 6 months @ $29.00 + tax = $184.44

Subsequent 6 months insurance @ $7.00 = $42.00

Total = $268.64

This comparison is for the 9 month school year only. The longer you continue to rent, the more money you will save with Foxes Music.

Level 2 and 3 Rentals (Orchestral Strings)

Foxes Music also offers, for the more discerning strings players, higher-grade rental instruments. These instruments are specifically tailored toward students who have committed to private study but are not yet ready to purchase their instrument. Our Level 2 violins rent at $25/month, violas rent at $30/month, and cellos rent at $45/month.

Level 2 instruments feature better handcraftsmanship and varnish, professional strings, upgraded tone plates, and higher grade bows and cases. Each instrument is hand selected and adjusted for the very best playability. Violins are available 1/16-4/4; Violas are available 13”-16.5”; Cellos are available 1/8-4/4.

Our Level 3 violins and violas rent at $45/month, and $60/month for cellos. Each instrument is painstakingly handcrafted in Germany for the very best tone available on a rental instrument. Each instrument has a hand applied Italian formula varnish, professional setup and strings, and a pernambuco bow.

Violins are available 1/8-4/4, Violas 13”- 15”, and Cellos 1/8-3/4.

Insurance and Damage Deposits

We also Offer Insurance on our Rental Instruments!

The Rental Insurance option is an additional $4.50 per month ($6.00 for Cello, $10 for Bass). This covers any kind of conceivable damages that may occur towards your instrument! It also covers the instrument if it is lost or stolen!

NOTE: Insurance does NOT cover any expendable item such as strings, reeds, mouthpieces (for brass or woodwind instruments), drum sticks/mallets, drumheads, cleaning and care supplies, or accessories. It also does not cover damage caused by improper care or abuse.

Damage Deposit

If you do not choose to purchase the additional insurance, a one-time $45 damage deposit ($55 for Cello, $100 for Bass) is required when you begin renting the instrument. This deposit is refunded upon the return of your instrument (subject to verification that it has not suffered damage greater than normal usage would allow).

Should you choose to buy your instrument, your damage deposit can also be deducted from your final balance, giving you even more savings!

NOTE: Rental insurance is highly recommended over the damage deposit, as you assume all liability for damage and theft when opting out of rental insurance.

Renting to Own!

Here at Foxes, we try to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to own your instrument. That’s why we’ve created our rental program with eventual purchase in mind.

When you rent a band or orchestra instrument, we’ll deduct 100% of the rent for the first year (12 months) plus 50% of any additional rent from the price of your instrument. On top of that, we take another 25% off the balance! Your rental credit can be used to purchase any orchestra or band instrument of equal or greater value to your rental instrument.

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